What we do

The FAM is a social impact creative agency that works with brands, agencies, and independent clients to curate their unique niche audience(s). We aim to deepen the resonance of your reach through experiences that cater to your community's needs and pleasure points. Always ensuring that our services and your message are timely, effective and most of all matter to the lives of those they impact.


We provide a boutique insights consulting service driven by strategic thinking with qualitative and quantitative methodologies. We will give you actionable data for finetuned strategies, event/activation ideas and brand identities.

Our Process

1. Market Research & Expert Interviews
2. Strategy
3. Implementation (content creation)
4. Data Gathering
5. Analytics & Reporting

social impact

It is our belief that we shape society and we give society its heart. We provide creative consultancy for organisations and philanthropists that have purpose-driven objectives and social responsibility as a core value. Brands who want to make an impact have access to our on-the-ground strategies for real change.

Our Process

1. Briefing
2. Research
3. Ideation & Feedback
4. Implementation
5. Activation and/or Event
6. Data & Analytics


Cut through the noise with your brand's own authentic online presence that will outlast the trends. We will create memorable branding experiences, content and platforms for your brand to exist through and tell their message with.

Some of the things we do

Content Development

Videography, photography, motion graphics, copywriting - including blogs and newsletters.


Brand audits, narrative development, visual identity development, brand identity development, brand strategy development.


SEO, websites, and applications.


"Tint Talks and The FAM are both definitely relevant and needed, and the impact they have had has been felt in hearing the different conversations and experiences, in learning and the range of diversity in narratives that exist within different spaces"

- Baphiwe Mancotywa


""Tint Talks has helped raise" awareness within... Black communities and how they receive, accept, and perceive Queer bodies within and around them"

- Sivu Qunta


"Tint Talks topics were really relevant even to people who were not particularly identifying as Queer. So, I learnt a lot about polygamy, about polyamory, about parenting within the Queer space. And really.. what Tint Talks has done is remind us that at the end of the day we are all human being trying to build our lives as best as we can"

- Chule Gobodo

Our properties

Tint Talks

TINT is a series of concepts geared at the LGBTQI+ community in Johannesburg. Our first event was hosted on Johannesburg Pride 2018: 27 October. Just as the Johannesburg Pride, dubbed the Pride of Africa, seeks to offer “an inclusive, multi faceted community platform that builds individual and collective pride” so to, The FAM seeks to create a platform that is inclusive and forges unity within the LGBTQ+ community in Johannesburg. TINT aims to create a space in which all the colours of the LGBTQ+ rainbow flag can flourish and enjoy a night of total bliss in a safe and protected environment. Celebrating, tackling, discussing, healing and questioning what makes us queer and African.

Le Grand Ball

Le Grand Ball is a bi monthly event the aims to create visibility and share of voice to queer, trans and non binary artists. The event which is inspired by the New York City ball scene of the late 1980s aims to shape African queer memory and its future. The club event is more than just a party but it is a place where queers from various diasporas can come and feel safe, included as well as part of a celebrated family. This event is about self-actualization, a decided and determined display of one’s inner greatness for all to see. It forms part of creating programmes that empower and teach self-esteem in a culturally affirming environment within our South African context.

Buka Arts

Buka Arts Organization was created as an art promotions & dealership platform. It aims to promote upcoming black artists’ work to new markets and also to create an introductory platform for upcoming art collectors to raise awareness to the new talent & work. The passion behind Buka Arts is to help & improve the arts industry & make it more accessible for those who are generally excluded from it. The inspiration came from the founder’s love of the arts & also to promote art as a career & potentially successful livelihood for the artist & a good investment for the collector.

Bona Kude Film Nights

Bona Kude Film Nights is an extension of Buka Arts, where we focus & highlight visual storytellers, whose medium is film & animation. This is a monthly social where we screen features & short films, documentaries, music videos, adverts & animations. This is also an edutainment platform, as we are specific about the messaging & content shared, as we use the platform to explore, empower, engage, educate & challenge the audience with what they’re consuming. This platform aims to be the springboard of our stories & creators, and to get our audiences behind our own stories.

Open Room Sessions

After the success of sister concept: Buka Arts, we decided to grow the company offerings & tap into another love of ours: music. Digital age has opened up the world to artists all around the world & we decided to create our own platform locally too. This concept is the collaboration of The Fam (events expertise) and Sacred Vision (music label).


Ice Kühl

Jägermeister South Africa


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